Leaving Denver



I have deep roots being a Colorado native. My family, mom, dad and brother, live here. DB has his Grandma, brother, sister-in-law and beautiful niece in Aurora while his parents live up the road in Cheyenne, WY.  Our circle of friends includes several Denver communities and goes back 5 years for DB and 25 years for me.  Who would want to start all over after living with the convenience of family and dear friends?

A Skyline I have Loved Since a Kid

Great Match

Denver is our city, our perfect match.  We do it all: hike, bike, run, camp, kayak, backpack, swim, parks, restaurants, eating, drinking, bars, ski/ snowboard, concerts, sports, museums, gardens, events, rec centers, lakes and swimming holes, shopping.  Every activity has lead to expert knowledge on logistical details and a familiar sense of direction.  It’s easy to be an active Coloradan when you know so much and have so much fun!  Now that we know how to have the most fun, why not keep it going with all your best friends and family?

september-5-2012-denver-blue-bear - Copy


The beloved “Hoe House” (the nickname I gave to my house because we live on ‘Ivanhoe St.’) holds many cherished memories and times of pain and growth. Our blood, sweat and tears, not to mention money, went into cleaning it up after it stood vacant and foreclosed for a year.  The backyard was once occupied by high schoolers doing drugs behind the garage, forever earning it the label of the  “Meth Lab.”  Our location is within 5 miles of King Soopers, Safeway, Sunflower Market, Whole Foods and now a Trader Joes.  We are 20 minutes from downtown and 10 minutes to the highway leading towards the mountains.  Not to mention, Colfax, the longest, continuous street in the nation is only 2 blocks away with all sorts of fun to be had.  Our system for living in the house is effortless, smooth, well practiced.  Why complicate life with a new home to get to know and love?

Micro Brews another Perk of Denver!

Climate and Culture

Denver is home of the ‘Mile High’ city, it’s unique!  (Red Rocks.) Fresh mountain air breezes by the Denver ‘Blue Bear,’ ‘Demon Blue Horse’ and ‘Dancing Aliens.’  Enjoyable Denver weather is unbeatable with the best snow for skiing and 300 days of sunshine.  (Red Rocks.) Hardly, do I need a hair dryer for 3 seasons out

of the year because of NO humidity…none!  (Red Rocks). We made recent history by legalizing marijuana; furthermore taxed retail pot is sold around every corner.  (Red Rocks).  Dog friendly Denverites, who often resemble their dogs, speak easily of their pets’ recent humorous story.  (Red Rocks).    There’s ALWAYS delicious Mexican Food nearby, FastTracks, the developing light-rail system is quickly underway for greatness and it’s safe here!  (Red Rocks).  Denver is not overcrowded, it’s not loud, it’s not fancy, it’s not too young, too old, or too cool.  Obviously…..Red Rocks.


The Perks!

Since living here and working here for the past five years, the morning Starbucks crew around the corner from my house knows what kind of morning I’m having based off of the drink I order.  Everywhere DB and I go, we run into a familiar faces, breweries, uptown, downtown, parks.  Colorado is usually the third from top of any online drop down-box form making any check out page smooth and quick.  I have extensively researched and found the BEST yoga in the city, I fuel up at the cheapest gas station in Denver and have finally mastered the art of parking downtown, including on game days.  When I want a sub sandwich I already know the menu at Udi’s, D’Deli, Snarf’s and a multitude of other back up places.  Happy hour choices are based on best wings, the Chinese food place is stored in my phone and top pizza places depend on how long the line is at 2 am.  I have an impeccable dentist whom I trust entirely, a massage therapist with magic healing powers, and not so sketchy bathhouse that is very therapeutic.    Finally, Ivyn is known by name at Mayfair Park and her list of friends includes Mogul, Tokee, Security Chihuahua, Riley, Cody, Bella and Carissa (human).  We’ve got it figured out, WHY are we LEAVING!??

Maroon Bells


We are leaving because home is a new concept, that is no longer a place.  The new meaning of home complies my heart and the heart of one other.  A feeling, a part of love, an instinct and a future.  My home is with my beloved DB, and with all our hearts we are explorers.  As a couple who has been together for seven years, we have never stopped exploring.  In fact, one of my favorite excuses to why we aren’t married yet is because we have been too busy traveling.  Our explorer hearts say its time and we know because we listen.

Colorado, and it’s culture comes with me.  You can take the girl out of Colorado, but you can’t take the Colorado out of the girl.  I will always be hiking, biking, running, swimming, dog walking, playing…. and apparently quite a lot of eating!  Moving to Portland will be a lifestyle change with more rain than sun, but there is no such thing as bad weather….just bad gear!  It doesn’t seem like a set back to move to a rainy climate, to me.  It’s a factor.  Just like the many times I sprained my ankle so badly there was a small, baby turtle growing out of the side.  It didn’t stop me from finishing the game, it was just another factor.

Truth is, complacency makes me more stressed than anything else.  I know all the right answers.  I love being right, by the way, but I also know I am comfortable.  I know I can push past this zone for a period of time and return later if I want.  Also, I’m excited.  I haven’t moved since I arrived back in Denver in 2008 from Buenos Aires.  In Portland, we will be a $200 round trip flight from Hawaii and Alaska.  We will live 90 minutes East of the ocean and 90 minutes west of Mount Hood.  Not to mention, Asia is a flight across the pond.  We get to make new friends, new community and expand our lives.  Last, this is not goodbye!  I fully believe in the “small world” phenomena and it only makes for more joy.  Friends and family will be missed, but growth and challenge will be welcomed.  Moving is not to say goodbye.  Goodbye, only to complacency and the symptoms that come with it.  We will always love Denver, Colorado and promise to uphold the Coloradan culture and friendliness wherever we go!  We’ll do ya proud Colorado!

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Denver Biscuit Company- a favorite for brunch!


2 thoughts on “Leaving Denver

  1. This is such an exciting time for you both. Reminds me of 18 years ago when we pulled up our deeply imbedded roots and moved to the Carolinas. You will have a blast!

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