Cayonlands Half and 31st Birthday

My first half – marathon experience will forever be best described as fun, positive and successful.   My friend Betty helped coach me with training, nutrition, recovery, and logistics.  She’s not the only part of our team, though.  Mr. Paul, the best dog sitter anyone could ask for, took care of my puppy on every long run.  Mr. Paul also conferred with us on pre and post – run rituals including reflection on training, evaluation of supplements and hydration.   Ivyn was my motivation and Dain Bassett, ever present in my every blinking thought and beat of my heart, supported it all! 

Race day was exhilarating.   We dressed up for St. Patty’s Day, my birthday and the completion of a journey.  Dain Bassett joined us for the finale, which made crossing the finish line so much more enjoyable.  

I loved this experience.   Plans already in the works for running another half – marathon over Labor Day weekend in Portland wine country! 







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