Go, Go, Go…

Life has been blurry with the move from Denver to Portland. DB reminded me to be in the moment, love the ones your with, stop worrying and say goodbye. It was fun to see everyone and I needed all the support from hugs, children’s books, offers to help pack, money, gifts, meals, texts, FB messages, cards, alcohol and all the people who held back tears for me. Thank you.

Ivyn’s favorite little girl. She sang to Ivyn and they held paw and hands before saying goodnight.


Ivyn likes to steal his hat and run around the yard shaking her head left to right. FB chases… hehehe…

One last walk at Standley Lake with my mom, Sadie Angel and all the memories we’ve made since childhood.

My yoga studio for the past 3 years. Qiflow will be missed and all the inspiring instructors!

Packing glassware is tedious and brutal! Glad my little trickster was around to remind me to play. …and pop the bubble wrap!

Saying goodbye to my garden and Ivyn got to “dig, dig, dig” her little heart out.


Finally got the courage to get my Sailor memorial tattoo. Thanks bro for helping me through it! Anchor is for my Chesapeake Bay Retriever whom I still miss so much. He gave me strength, perserverance, and protection to carry with me.

Rhubarb coming in strong. I hope someone makes good harvest of it!


Dad tries to be tough with her, but she melts his heart. He’s a softy, we know it!

The movers gave me total stress and a panic attack. Scammers, liars, and nightmares are how I will describe them in my report to the BBB. I hope all our worldly possessions will make it back to us. I’m glad I’ll never be a first time mover ever again in my life, it was awful!

Thank goodness my mom took time off work to help me deal with all the trouble. This is our special lake, been coming here since I was a kid.

Our home, the “Hoe House.” So many happy times and growing pains to move away from.

Goodbye, Denver! xoxo


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